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The Skinny on Skinnies

Posted on October 22, 2013 at 1:25 PM

Skinny jeans have been around for years now, yet some of us are still too timid or body conscious to try out the long lasting trend. The first thing you need to remember about buying, any pair of jeans, is that if the jeans don’t look amazing on you it’s not you, it’s the jean. There is the perfect skinny jean out there for every woman and it’s about time we embrace it, especially now that it’s boot season!


Why the Skinnies are so great

I think a lot of times if a woman is uncomfortable with a part of her body, she tries to hide it. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a gorgeous gal wearing an oversized sweater and oversized flared jeans. If I can convince said woman to try on a pair of skinnies, with the right top, it usually is a transformational event. By showing off your curves, or giving shape to a straight frame you are actually making yourself look better.


Some Skinny Tips

If you’re a beginner with skinnies try a dark wash and wear them with boots tucked in. Also, make sure the jeans fit fairly tight. If there is a lot of bagginess in the behind then you defeat the purpose of showing off a great asset (pun intended). Skinny jeans should fit like a glove and keep in mind they will probably stretch out about half a size, depending on the brand. Having said this don’t ever go home with a pair of jeans that creates the bulge just under the butt. (This, again, is not you it’s the jean).

Length is a big issue for girls of all heights, if the jeans are too long and you don’t want to mess with hemming try rolling them up or tucking them into your favorite boots. (Rolling them up looks adorable with flats as well as heels). The key is to keep the fold you have rolled proportional to the jean. When wearing a skinny keep the rolls skinny as well. If you’re a tall gal don’t settle for a jean that’s too short, keep looking until you find one that is fit just for you and your gorgeous legs.

Colored skinnies are a great addition to your wardrobe no matter what the season is. To be a member of the colored skinny club I would suggest starting with a pair of black and or maroon jeans. Lighter colors are harder for the curvy gals to wear, but look great on gals with more of a boy shape.



One last Piece of Advice on Skinny Jeans

No matter where you are shopping you should be able to bring in a couple of pairs of shoes you envision wearing with your new jeans. You want your jeans to be a great addition to your closet, not an item you have to buy a ton of new pieces to wear with. Don’t be afraid to try different looks than just a flowy top with skinny jeans. Try a blazer and heels for casual Friday, wear a hi-low sweater with boots, and don’t feel like you have to cover your booty. After all, a great pair of skinnies will make that asset look fabulous.



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