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Blazers aren't just for Business

Posted on October 29, 2013 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)


Most people might not purchase their first blazer until it’s time for an interview. The kind of blazer that usually pairs with a pant or skirt suit might feel a bit boxy and constraining. But, don’t let those business blazers leave you with a bad taste about all blazers. The blazer definitely does serve its purpose in the business world, but what else can it do for your wardrobe?


A Formal Affair

With the holidays coming up you are sure to have parties to attend that require a special occasion dress, and you would hate to ruin the look of a gorgeous dress with a bulky coat. Wearing a flowy, non-structured blazer can provide you with a little warmth and accessorize your outfit just right.



 A Blazer for Date Night

Having a blazer with a different texture, like the vegan leather one shown, can allow you to wear it during the day and into the night with a few small adjustments.

-Pair it with some sassy colored jeans.

-Add a patterned top and statement necklace.

-Wear your favorite pair of pumps.

-Roll the sleeves of your blazer up for a more laid back look.



Final Notes

One way to ruin the fun look of a blazer is to buy it too big. Yes, you need to be able to move your arms and it certainly should feel comfortable but unless you are buying a boyfriend style oversized blazer you want it to fit well. A blazer, like the ones shown in this post, should show off some of the great curves in your waistline. If you are bustier, don’t feel like the blazer has to button up. Realistically are you going to button it up over the cute dress you just bought it to go over? Lastly, have some fun with your new wardrobe staple. Buy one in a bold color; wear it over shorts with tights, or with your loose fitting boyfriend jeans…and remember, blazers aren’t just for business anymore.